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    “It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” he said. He held out his hand to show one of those eggplant shaped wooden ladies that splits in half to reveal a smaller eggplant shaped wooden lady.

    “It’s called a Russian doll,” he continued. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving because there are one…

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  4. Happy Birthday Salvador Dali (1904–1989)

    Say what you will about this mans paintings, but I’ll be damned if I ever catch somebody downplaying his mustache. 

    Happy Birthday, Dali! You’ll always persist in my memories!

    (art joke)

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  5. Fiddling with some things from my sketchbook in photoshop and thought this was worth sharing.

    1) It’s a spaceship

    No further questions. 

  6. Cleaner Version of that Painting from yesterday

  7. Self-Portrait

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    I hate how one person says, “oh, so you want us to pay for you to have sex?” which isn’t even remotely accurate, and that’s how everyone sees it from then on, and refuses to look at it any other way.

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    Gerda Wegener. Danish (1889-1940)

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  10. A.K.A me and what I do.