Today was pretty radical for a few reasons. 

- Finally got the feedback I needed for my postcard. Now I can finish that sucker and start being fancy and professional. 

- Details on my senior show are getting pretty solid. I get to draw myself for our postcard. The shows titled “Bittersweet” and each member of the group is having their face part of a row, which transitions from very bitter to very sweet. I’m the polar end of sweet, naturally. 

- That feeling you get when the nude model from your figure painting class likes your painting of her so much that she’s willing to buy it from you? Had that today. And she gave me her contact info so there’s a pretty good probability of this being legit. 

- Managed to poke a new hole in my belt so my dungarees stay up at an appropriate height. It was either that or gain back the weight I lost. This way was faster. 

Keep it up, Tuesday

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