1. Stop Tumbling and check out my new website!


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  2. Want to Buy an Art or Two?

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  3. Fiddling with some things from my sketchbook in photoshop and thought this was worth sharing.

    1) It’s a spaceship

    No further questions. 

  4. A.K.A me and what I do.

  5. Tentative version of my fancy professional postcard. I plan of getting a larger scanner to take a better photo of it that I won’t have to piece together on photoshop. Regardless, I felt like posting this. 

  6. One last post for today, probably. A pair of paintings also from over break. One is based of my buddy Bret and an abstract sketch I did of him last semester, and the other is my friend Liz, who graciously permitted me to paint one of her facebook photos. You two are the bee’s knees!

  7. Some pen/ink studies from a couple weeks ago. A Portrait of Grace Slick and a quick doodle. The colour on Slick was done with acrylic paint washes.

  8. An Updated DAD!

  9. This was a doodle on the back of my art history notebook that I felt needed to be painted, and voila

  10. An old character of mine properly-equipped for a character battle tournament. He lost.